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Who We Are

New Life Resources (NLR) is the materials distribution ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI). We publish and distribute the core materials and best ministry resources that have been developed by the staff and ministries of Campus Crusade in order to serve and empower churches, staff members, and individual believers who have a heart for ministry with the tools that will help build spiritual movements everywhere and advance the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

New Life Resources supports the evangelism and discipleship efforts of millions of Christians and serves thousands of churches, denominations and organizations around the world to help Christians grow in faith and mobilize them to become more effective messengers of the Gospel. By providing these proven resources, materials and strategies that have been developed by the staff and ministries of the largest Christian organization in the world, New Life Resources is in the unique position to provide the very best resources to meet the ministry purpose that you are seeking.

Our goal is to equip and encourage you as an active Christians by providing proven and effective resources and ministry services that help you advance the Great Commission

Our Vision

Our vision is to harness media of every sort, print, video, digital, and emerging technologies, to equip and empower the Body of Christ to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. Our desire is to serve you, your church, and other ministries by equipping the Body of Christ with proven and effective resources and ministry services that help mobilize people for the ministry that God has given them a vision and advance the Great Commission.

We believe that our ministry is playing a strategic part in Campus Crusade's stated role -- to help build movements of spiritual multiplication everywhere.


In 1989 New Life Resources was formed to serve churches and ministering Christians with the best resources Campus Crusade for Christ had developed over the previous four decades to WIN people to Christ, BUILD them up in the faith and SEND them out to serve and lead others to do likewise. It began with approximately eight resources that could be offered to the public to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Beginning in the early-nineties several Campus Crusade ministries asked New Life Resources to also provide warehouse and distribution services in support of trade publishing efforts, distribution of the JESUS video to millions of homes through churches nationwide, and the radio outreach programs.

In 2001, New Life Resources assumed responsibility for distribution of resources to the staff members of Campus Crusade. The number of ministry resources that were offered had grown over the years to provide many hundreds of additional titles.

In year following September 11, 2001, New Life Resources provided logistical support for an emergency outreach centered on the terrorist attacks called the 911 Remembrance Project. This evangelistic outreach saw the distribution of more than 12-and-a-half million magazines and thousands videos, and other ministry tools.

In 2003 we assumed publishing responsibilities for Campus Crusade's essential materials.

New Life Resources has continued to grow and work to support other Campus Crusade ministries with their distribution needs and expanded its operations to support staff and ministries globally.