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Personal Follow-Up Series

Personal Follow-Up Series

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You face one of the most important opportunities of any ministry—touching the lives of people. You have the extremely gratifying privilege of helping to establish a new Christian’s faith in Jesus Christ. The newly designed and formatted Personal Follow-up Series helps you achieve three main goals:

1. To establish the new Christian’s confidence in Scripture as the basis for Christian faith. 

2. To help the new Christian understand simple scriptural principles of spiritual growth. 

3. To begin building a personal Christian friendship that leads the new Christian into meaningful relationships and service with a group of fellow believers.

The series is comprised of five lessons—appointments—and each has a unique focus. 

Lesson 1 focuses on “Your New Life in Christ” and offers a review of the principles that led to conversion and for assurance of salvation.

Lesson 2 emphasizes “Your New Life in God’s Love” and details the differences between your relationship with God and your fellowship with God and the basis for God’s love and forgiveness.

Lesson 3  examines “Your New Life in the Spirit” and the believer’s source of power to live the Christian life.

Lesson 4 explores “Growing in Your New Life” and helps the believer understand what to expect as they grow in Christ.

Lesson 5 reveals “Your New Life in Relationships” and deals with the area of sexual purity for the follower of Christ.

The Leader’s Guide is so comprehensive that once someone goes through the five lessons as a student, they can easily be equipped to lead someone else through the Personal Follow-up Series.

***Important Ordering Information:

The student lessons are available by volume in packs of 25. The Leader’s Guide is available in a pack of 5. If you like, you can order a set that includes 1 of each of the 5 lessons and a Leader’s Guide. Use the drop-down menu above to make your selection.  

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