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A GIFT FOR YOU Door Hanger Bags (Pack of 25)
A Resource for the Prayer on the Porch Strategy
SIZE: 9.5 in W x 12 in H

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Reach your neighbors this summer using the Prayer on the Porch Strategy.

"A Gift for You" door hanger bags allow you to easily gather and give your leaving pieces when implementing the Prayer on the Porch strategy. This bag easily fits evangelistic items like the "Combo" JESUS DVD and the Who Is This Jesus? mini-magazine. Also put your church/ministry information, invitation, prayer request card, event news or commitment forms in this convenient door hanger bag.

SIZE: 9.5 in W x 12 in H

What's the main benefit to using this bag?
When used in conjunction with the Prayer on the Porch Strategy, these door hanger bags help involve people in a "non-threatening" form of outreach that helps to move them up in their level of commitment as they experience success.

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