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Beyond Belief to Conviction
by Josh McDowell

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Will your kids stand strong in the face of today's culture?

What strikes fear in your heart as a concerned parent, pastor, youth worker or educator? Isn't it that our minds will fall prey to the wrong crowd, succumb to cultural pressures, and make wrong choices that will bring pain and suffering to their lives? That fear is real. We all sense the danger.

"While we need to fear what our kids could be tempted to do," Josh McDowell explains, "we need to be more concerned with what our kids are led to believe." In Beyond Belief to Convictions Josh documents that the majority of our kids who have distorted beliefs about God, truth, and the Bible are
  • 225 percent more likely to be angry with life
  • 300 percent more likely to use illegal drugs
  • 600 percent more likely to attempt suicide
In this comprehensive volume Josh offers the tools to correct our young people's distorted beliefs and lead them to deepened convictions about God and his Word, In classic McDowell fashion, he provides families and the church with a "relational apologetic"'--rock-solid reasons to believe and a biblical blueprint for living out those beliefs in relationship with others.

Beyond Belief to Convictions gives us a clear plan for grounding our youth in a solid relationship with Christ and for unlocking the answers to the fundamental questions of life itself: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? When our kids embrace the Person of Truth, they will be fortified spiritually, morally, and emotionally to stand strong in the face of today's culture.

322 Pages
ISBN 0842380094

322 Pages
ISBN 0842374094

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Tyndale House Publishers

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